Rules in the Train Simulator NEXT Community

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    Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the following rules.

    The simplest rule to check if you are okay ✔️

    • Behave like to be in a public environment and can be viewed by everyone unknown.
    • From a view as a European, ensure to follow and retain a set of nice behavior rules. 😊
    • Just a few people use English as their primary language → different countries/states, different sayings.

    No fill posts or unneeded topics:

    We are high fans of free speech and support it. But free speech has a limit: that, which makes people and groups predictable angry.

    All the people here are not your machines to serve you. Please do not write questions which are already cleared a reasonable time ago or are known how to be basically solved. Otherwise, we suggest using a new technology named web search of your choice and using it before creating dumb topics. We recommend searching for a running topic in this field, reading its latest posts, and writing new aspects there, before creating, for example, the next topic about buying a new computer.

    Do not comment on postings just to let all people know you have an opinion, but which is not specific. Instead, share your judgement by liking postings. The required waiting time between two posts is not a funny instrument: if it appears, notice the information as a warning.

    Don't spoil the community for others:

    We would like to maintain everybody's ability to voice their opinion – positive or otherwise. We ask that you be mindful of just how you say it. Please make sure to write your topic in the correct forum to get heard by the people who are interested. If all you wish to do is merely vent your frustration all the time, there are better suited environments to do so without dragging everyone down with you.

    Be respectful towards fellow members and moderators:

    We ask that you maintain a basic level of respect towards all members of this community, independent of your opinions on them or whether you agree with their views. There are people behind every username and avatar, and not all have a thick skin. Try to conduct yourself in a way that is respectful of that. As we aim to keep this community available to a wide and international audience, including younger people, we hope you can refrain from excessive profanity.

    Only speak for yourself and take responsibility for what you say:

    Your opinions are your own, but may not necessarily be those of others. Speak for yourself only, as you are not the spokesperson for the entire community.

    Keep your posts always on topic and always in the language of the forum. Notice that sayings and written in German or American English may differ in tone and meaning.

    No discussing private topics or other sensitive subjects:

    Behind Train Simulator NEXT is a running company with people, spending a part of their time to keep the community well running. It is a free and open offer, and we tend to do so in the future as well.

    Sometimes people go to break away from their daily lives and enjoy themselves; as such topics of religion, politics, societal issues or any other sensitive or divisive matters are not requested and not accepted in this community. We are brought together by our enjoyment of things and need not be torn apart by our differences in opinion on things irrelevant to those.

    Please note that illegal content may need to be reported to the federal intelligence service of Germany. This includes, for example, content with violent or extreme communistic (but not socialistic) and nationalistic positions, also hate speech against people or groups, talking about drug consumption, software piracy or abuse of people. To do so is required by the German teleservices and communication act and may have strong negative impacts on yourself.

    Keep it safe for work:

    Just to say it easy, this is not a private place for pornographic material, copyright infringement and piracy-related content.

    No Spamming / Advertising / Unsolicited PSAs:

    Keep emoticons to an acceptable level and avoid annoying spam posts.

    You can advertise projects and products made by yourself or for a train simulation related product. But keep it on a welcome level.

    Furthermore, you do not post public service announcements.

    No begging from, harassing or defaming of developers:

    We are very proud and happy to have various developers present and participating in discussions in this community. We expect you treat them with the same kindness you treat others and respect their work. Please do not ask them for free copies of their games or products.

    No back seat moderating and follow instructions:

    The Moderators of this community are equipped to solve many situations, ongoing or developing. We ask that you refrain from telling moderators or other users what to do.

    Follow instructions given by moderators or staff responsible for this community.

    Thanks for your attention!

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