Developer Build from March 2024

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    The newest available version of Train Simulator NEXT from March 31 of 2024 (Version 1.0.2024.331) does have these new features and improvements:


    • The graphics quality and rendering performance have been improved.
    • Many improvements to the Object Editor, the Tools, and the Exporters.
    • Environment Sounds are now supported in the Object Editor.

    Graphical improvements

    • The rendering performance has been improved by about 15-20 percent in practice.
    • The sky textures are now processed with the correct gamma values for colors. The colorization of the scene is now as expected and not grayish anymore.
    • The environment lighting and atmosphere computation have been improved.
    • Improved rendering for the 3D ballast of tracks.

    Object Editor Base

    • New presentation mode for objects with and without vertical movement.
    • If you disable the sky, a white background will be rendered instead of a black background.
    • Render presets do work now as expected and apply the season, weather, and daytime.

    Object Editor Lights

    • The light pollution in the environment has an impact on the brightness of lights.
    • The computation for the cone of spot, line, and area lights has been fixed.
    • Lights will be rotated into the correct direction now if you rotate the object.
    • The brightness of light sources has been updated to match more common light sources.
    • Removal of projected lights, as they are not needed anymore with a ray-traced renderer.

    Object Editor Materials

    • The layout of the Materials Panel has been improved.
    • The order of geometry rendering can be sorted by materials.

    Object Editor Nodes

    • The action to change the order of geometry rendering is also now applied to the object data.

    Object Editor Sounds

    • New sound framework to control sounds in dependency of the surrounding environment.

    Importers and Exporters

    • Issues related to the stability of the plug-in for Autodesk 3ds Max have been resolved.
    • Various special resource image formats supported by FreeImage have been removed.
    • Issues related to makeMap with some types of input textures have been resolved.
    • Issues related to makeMap with various texture sizes have been resolved.
    • Textures with a data size of more than 90 MB will no longer use DirectStorage.
    • Textures need to have a width and height with a multiple of 256 pixels.

    Content Developer Kit

    • A project file for environment sounds is now available in the Sound directory.
    • An example of environment sounds is now available in the Sound/Samples directory.

    Various in-game improvements

    • Issues related to the positioning of lists for combo boxes have been resolved.
    • Improvements related to the processing of mouse wheel interactions.
    • Many minor or internal improvements in the application, user interface, and data.
    • Dependencies like FMOD, DirectX Shader Compiler, DirectX Agility, DirectStorage and more have been updated to the newest publicly available versions.
    • Added newer graphics cards alike NVIDIA RTX 4070 Super, 4070 Ti Super, 4080 Super, AMD RX 7600 XT, Intel A530M and A570M. Also added a default path if the graphics card has not been found in the list.

    The newest version of the application is available to all members of the Preview-Access Tier on Patreon. The download link is shared in a post with the tag download.



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